Organizational Dynamics

C o m p l e x i t y. D e c i s i o n M a k i n g. L e a d e r s h i p


So its taken some time (and a bit of a life changing event) for me to get up the energy to start writing some of my thoughts and ideas down on paper. For many years friends and colleagues have suffered through lunches and coffees with long winded rants about ways in which we can create awareness of the limitations of our current organizational structures and designs. We do blame a lot on individuals, but it is often the context that is set (often unwittingly by senior leaders) that drives some of the unusual things we see happening in our organizations. That context is defined largely by the rules and norms (written and unwritten) that drive how we act and shape the decisions we make about what to do next.

The plan is to use this space to expound on a whole range of factors that affect our workplaces at this level. Many of them are what I call ‘carbon monoxide’ issues: You can’t see them and you can’t smell them, but they’re there. I’m interested in the people that are uncovering ways to surface these issues.




  1. Looking forward to following and joining the conversation!

    It would be neat to receive alerts when new content is posted.

    • orgdynam

      August 23, 2016 at 5:40 pm

      Yo James,

      Thanks for the post. I am getting someone to do some more work on the site. Just no time for me dig into this. One of the things on my list is a way to notify people when something new is posted. Which won’t be that often I don’t think… 8:). I thought I would have lots of time for writing but not so. but I will make time.



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